The coastline, from the Pointe de Beg-Meil to the Pointe du Cap-Coz, is broken by rocky inlets and bays known as "criques." They are mostly only accessible by foot or by bike, and while a small boat can be piloted into the larger ones, some are little more than a cosy sun-trap between a few rocks! Whether alone, with your friends or with the whole family, come and enjoy the wonderful Brittany landscape from whichever of these gorgeous little beaches suits you best!

A great place for families to enjoy the sun!

The criques are ideal for a safe family day out. Parents will love the these compact beaches, which allow them to keep a close eye on the kids, while offering plenty of opportunities for discovery!

Children love climbing the rocks, jumping from stone to stone and splashing about in the water. As the tide goes out, pools of water get trapped between the rocks, and it's great fun to hunt for the shrimps and green crabs that lurk under their stones.

A picnic in the criques

Wending your way down to one of the criques, with its view over the sunlit bay, sheltered from the wind, is one of the great pleasures of the Britanny coast. It's the perfect moment to enjoy a picnic, your toes dangling in the water!

After lunch, take an afternoon siesta in the shade of the pine trees, the backdrop of the sea stretching way into the distance, it’s waves washing slowly onto the hot sand while your skin is gently warmed by the sun.

Fouesnant-les Glénan is fortunate in having beaches facing all points of the compass. Whichever direction the wind is blowing, it's always possible to find at least one beach with complete shelter where you can enjoy an afternoon’s sunbathing.

A secluded spot

The criques have delightful names - Les Oiseaux, les Pyramides, Lanroz, La Roche Percée, Lantecoste, and Bot Conan. Accessible only by foot along the chemin de douaniers (the Customs path), some are particularly secluded and peaceful, just right for couples looking for a place away from the hustle and bustle of the world.

Some criques can only be entered by boat - giving you the genuine Robinson Crusoe experience!

Outstanding views from the hiking trails

Set off in the morning, for a hike, along the legendary GR34, known as the sentier des douaniers (The Customs Path) from Beg-Meil to Cap-Coz. A number of wonderful viewpoints await you as you pick your way along the coast, giving stunning panoramic views over the Baie de la Forêt. There are a number of beautiful houses along the way to be admired by those with sharp eyes, as they were cleverly designed to blend in with the landscape.

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