Tribute to Philippe Le Stum | Exposure

20 January 02 March 2024

Tribute to Philippe Le Stum | Exposure


the Archipelago, 29170 Fouesnant


Prints, paintings and installations

With works by Denise Banet, Patrick Berthélémé, Jean-Pierre Blaise, Jean-Yves Boislève, Annie Burel, Mikel Chaussepied, Yves Doaré, Claude Huart, Brigitte Kernaléguen, Nicolas Lambert, Georges Le Fur, Dominique Le Page, Nadejda Ménier, Philippe Migné, Yanik Pen'du and Yves Plusquellec

"When we think of the Breton Departmental Museum of Quimper, we immediately think of Philippe Le Stum. He brought Breton heritage to life to the point of making it our own as visitors. Every native Breton finds his roots in this museum and is proud. This is our heritage!

Over a century and a half of existence, this museum has assembled the most important public collection of regionally themed prints. Philippe has also dedicated three exclusive exhibitions on engraving, closed by Nature de engravers highlighting and honoring Breton amateur and professional artists.

A curator, of course, but also a writer, designer, illustrator, collector… He had all the talents and an insatiable curiosity about the Arts and others. Behind the man there was this spirit which grew us.

The exhibition is intended to be a form of recognition for everything he brought us. Hoping that she lives up to the personality we honor." Brigitte Kernaléguen

Dates and Times

From: 20 / 01 / 2024 To: 02 / 03 / 2024




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