Happiness is other people | Café-philo

20 p.m. the Archipelago, 29170 Fouesnant


Café-philo From 14 years old
Let's deflect a famous retort according to which hell is other people, and ask ourselves if they are not rather the condition of our happiness?

Is there solitary happiness? Could we be happy in a world where no one is? To be happy, do you have to improve the lives of others? Let's treat ourselves to an hour of philosophy to walk together on a very delicate road.

Yan Marchand is a doctor of philosophy and author. He regularly offers philosophy workshops for children and adults. He has spoken several times at the Archipelago on various subjects (love, hatred, borders, machines, etc.) which always sparks fascinating discussions.

Free, upon registration at the ticket office.

Dates and Times

The 12 / 03 / 2024

  • Le Tuesday from 20: 30




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