The wild vegetable garden | club grainotheque

the Archipelago, 29170 Fouesnant


If the Grainothèque is a space within the Archipelago intended for the exchange and donation of seeds, it is also accompanied by a club.

We offer thematic meetings around the preservation of nature and organic farming.

For this last meeting of the season, Caroline Masson, Nature Guide-Animator, will invite you to discover the "wild vegetable garden". By exploring and becoming familiar with the microcosm of the plants that colonize it, this meeting allows participants to learn to recognize and consume common and local wild plants on a daily basis and in all seasons.

A garden… extraordinary? It is enough to put oneself at its height to marvel at it. Explore it through your senses to familiarize yourself with the microcosm of the wild plants that colonize it: observe, smell, touch, bite... and savor!




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