This section lists the support plans deployed by the State, the Region, the Department in favor of tourism stakeholders.

aid from the Brittany region to the tourism sector

As part of the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in France, the Brittany Region is mobilizing its services and adopting a massive €103 million plan of exceptional measures for companies and associations, to save jobs in Brittany.
Info on the Brittany Region website 

On April 15, the Brittany Region announced two new measures to support the Breton economy: part 2 of the State-Region solidarity fund and the creation of a COVID-Resistance fund with Breton communities and the territorial bank. You can find all the terms and conditions for awarding this component 2 on the Brittany region website.

National support plan for the tourism sector

On May 14, 2020, the Prime Minister announced the launch of a interdepartmental support plan for the tourism sector. Developed by the Interministerial Committee for Tourism, a body that brings together all tourism stakeholders in France (local elected officials, trade unions, companies, operators and members of the Government), this plan should make it possible to respond to the health crisis which has very strongly affected the tourism sector.