Various tools and organizations identify and offer national or local aid, in order to support businesses.


The list of professions and sectors eligible for the solidarity fund has just been expanded to 75 new businesses. The size of the enterprises has been enlarged from from 20 to 50 employees.
aid package of €10k is granted for closed businesses administratively and for companies in the affected sectors who can justify a 80% drop in turnover per month.
Companies that have lost 50% of their turnover can still claim aid of €1,5k per month. These measures are retroactive.
Night sector: until the end of December, assistance with covering fixed costs, rents up to 15k/month.

Public investment bank

state guaranteed loan

This loan guaranteed by the State called "PGE saison" offers more favorable conditions than the classic PGE with a higher ceiling which will be defined over the 3 best months of the year 2019.
The device adapts to the new situation created by the reconfinement. Thus, companies can now contract a PGE until June 30, 2021 instead of December 31, 2020

recovery plan for economic activity

The “France Relance” plan is a roadmap for the economic, social and ecological rebuilding of the country. The resources allocated by the Government and Europe are substantial: 100 billion euros, i.e. ⅓ of the State's annual budget to rebuild France by 2030.