Sustainable development is at the heart of the operation of the Tourist Office. Let's discover the small gestures adopted on a daily basis to reduce the ecological footprint.

An eco-responsible guide as well as small posters are placed in various strategic places within the OMT (office – kitchen – meeting room – toilets) to inform employees, trainees, seasonal workers or any other person present in the offices on best practices for saving water, electricity and paper.

our 10 commandments
  1. You will reduce your paper consumption.
  2. You will proceed to sorting your cartridges of ink.
  3. you will realize it sorting of waste.
  4. You will be careful with heating.
  5. You will reduce your water consumption for the dishes.
  6. Tu print in black and white and in a reasoned way.
  7. You will promote natural light and turn off the light as soon as possible.
  8. You will opt if possible for the carpooling or the train when you travel.
  9. You will deposit the documents with your partners instead of sending them by post.
  10. You will use PEFC certified paper or FSC in your communication media.

good deeds posters

Eco-responsible practical guide