How to adapt to new tourism professions? How to develop your skills? What are the prospects for professional development? A brief overview of the support offered to staff to enable them to flourish and perform.

Staff training

Each year, the UNWTO allows each member of the "Fouesn' Pom' Girls'" to benefit from training in order to acquire skills. To do this, management defines a provisional training plan (three-year skills development plan) and sets the budget dedicated to staff training.
Permanent staff benefit from several types of training :

  • the regional training plan, drawn up by OTB;
  • Any other training as long as it meets the needs of the UNWTO and the employee;
  • participation in educational tours on different themes: (leisure, accommodation, restaurants, hiking, boating, natural heritage).
  • participation in technical days, seminars, etc.

The stages of the annual skills development plan:

  1. Management transmits to the team on training program.
  2. Each employee is invited to communicate his training wishes.
  3. The training courses are subject to validation.
  4. The training courses taken by all staff are listed in a document entitled " Skills development plan" page (in French).
  5. The employee follows his training mainly during his work time. The Tourist Office ensures the training funding.
  6. The training allows issue an attestation or certification.
  7. At the end of the training, the employee communicate their course materials to all staff.
  8. Un training report is carried out on the "Skills development plan" file in order to know if it has enabled the acquisition of skills in relation to the missions entrusted to the employee.


Each year, management schedules a evaluation interview and every two years, it schedules a professional meeting.

  • For who? each member of the team
  • Why? for the annual evaluation interview, it is a question of taking stock of the work / missions carried out during the past year N-1 and setting the objectives for the coming year N+1. For the professional interview, it is a question of responding jointly to the needs of the employee (development in the company, training, projects) and of the company (strategy, training plans, identification of talents) for their respective developments.
  • How? It is the subject of an individual interview between the management and the employee. It is framed by an interview guide. These interviews lead to the updating of job descriptions and the definition of individual objectives. The interview is the subject of a report signed by management, the Chairman and the employee. A copy is sent to the employee, a second is filed in his personal file.


Three-year skills development plan

Annual evaluation and professional interview grids