How is the recruitment of staff, seasonal workers and trainees organised? What are the documents that formalize labor relations? Being part of the "Fouesn' Pom' Girls" cannot be improvised. Find all the information in this section.

permanent staff

UNWTO permanent staff are recruited on the basis of a job offer. At the end of a pre-selection on the basis of the application files, the candidate is invited to participate in an oral interview before a jury composed of the President, the management and members of the management committee.

The successful candidate is then hired under a fixed-term or indefinite-term contract (collective agreement no. 3175 for tourism organizations).

Following his entry into service within the OMT, the employee is subject toannual appraisal interview (review of the work carried out with regard to the missions assigned) and biannual professional maintenance (assessment on the prospects for development within the establishment) and benefits from training to enable him to evolve in his work by acquiring new skills.

the seasonal

UNWTO engages seasonal staff with a view to strengthening the team of stay advisers during the summer period (July and August). This recruitment is carried out on the basis of spontaneous applications or by advertisement on various sites. It follows the same procedure as the recruitment of a permanent employee. The choice of the seasonal worker is then made with the whole team. The recruitment policy for seasonal workers is based on a retention principle: priority is given to the person who has previously completed a successful internship or season at the UNWTO.


Finally, the UNWTO welcomes trainees every year (ranging from high school to master's level) for a short or medium period (duration ranging from a few days to around three months).

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