To aim for excellence, you need a strategic vision and a quality action plan! This is the management philosophy.

A strategic policy.

It is the result of reflection with the community, visitors/residents, partners and the team. By formalizing strategic policy, the management draws the Ariadne's thread for the tourist development of Fouesnant. It applies to the entire territory of Fouesnant-les Glénan on the basis of the objectives defined in the three-year objectives agreement.

In order to allow everyone to make it their own, it is sent to the staff and to the partners of the Tourist Office via the "partner space" of the website.


an action program

If the strategic policy is this Ariadne's thread, the action program carried out annually by the management makes it possible to set up the most relevant projects to achieve the objectives set. At the end of the year, an assessment of the actions is produced in the form of an activity report.

The activity report is communicated to staff, the community, partners and institutions through the website and a newsletter and a public meeting to present the actions.

Strategic policy 

Activity Report

Action program