Continuous information management.

In order to provide reliable and complete information on the territory's tourist offer, the OMT is equipped with the Tourinsoft Tourist Information System (SIT). All the information from our partners (type of activity, place, date, time, reservation, contact details, etc.) is recorded on Tourinsoft by us. By a principle of syndication, this information makes it possible to update:

In July and August, the UNWTO sets up an “accommodation availability” file in order to communicate in real time on the accommodation available to visitors.


Documentation management.

In order to offer exhaustive information on the tourist offer of its partners, the UNWTO makes available to visitors/inhabitants a large part of the paper documentation self-service (magazine, map, leaflet, business card, etc.). This documentation is presented by theme (accommodation, boating, shops, restaurants, things to see – things to do, etc.). In order to communicate about the one-off events (festival, festive evenings, concert, etc.), the OMT has a display panel and a display stand to distribute leaflets relating to these events. Tourist documentation is also available to visitors/residents at 12 information points (shops and facilities) in Fouesnant.

This system aimed at informing visitors is likely to be modified according to the evolution of the health context.

A last minute change.

In order to provide up-to-date information to visitors/residents, the UNWTO has set up a transmission book. Placed on a google drive, it allows all staff to be informed of changes (modification, update, error, new information, etc.) relating to a partner, a tourist offer, an activity, etc. Everyone can contribute to this book, a true common resource center of the UNWTO.

Handbook of transmissions

"Accommodation availability" files

Inventory management file

Events schedule