The Fouesnant-les Glénan Tourist Office can be reached at least 6 days a week (depending on the period), during Business hours.

“Information on the accommodation offer, confirmation of an event, clarification of an activity or a request for tourist documentation… these are all subjects that the team deals with on a daily basis. »

A request by phone

Ring, ring, ring, ring. “Fouesnant-les Glénan Tourist Office, hello! »

Mostly taken care of during the year by the stay counselor at reception, telephone calls can also be handled by the staff in the offices.

In July and August, the UNWTO welcomes more than 20.000 visitors. During this period, the telephone reception is mainly managed by the staff working in the offices or by the reception advisers if the level of affluence allows it. This separation of physical and telephone reception guarantees the quality of service.

“A little too many people at the reception when you call us? … In order to guarantee you a quality of service, the OMT will propose to contact you later to best respond to your request. »

a written request

Any written request for information can be addressed to the UNWTO by post or email. The travel advisor will respond in writing as soon as possible by sending the information by post within 2 working days or by email for the following day (depending on the nature of the request).

Tutorial "telephone reception"

Tutorial "mail processing & response to emails »