For the story to be beautiful, it needs an exceptional setting. Fouesnant-les Glénan, it's the guaranteed "Wow" effect. But to achieve this result, we must know our customers and define the right communication strategy. Find out what tools and how the Municipal Tourist Office makes its destination known to future visitors.

Thanks to monitoring and observation work in collaboration with institutional partners (Quimper Cornouaille tourist destination, ADTFinistère 360°, CRT Bretagne), the Tourist Office has been able to identify the typologies of its clienteles. While the majority of French customers come from the Great West or Ile de France, the foreign customers who stay in Fouesnant are German, Belgian or British.

In Fouesnant-les Glénan, we mainly welcome:

  • A family clientele who appreciates the destination for the varied and free entertainment (mostly), the bike rides and the coast where she can occupy her little darlings between nautical activities and seaside games.
  • A clientele of hikers who discovers the territory at their own pace by the GR34 which runs along the 17km of coast or by testing the 70 km of circuits of walks between land and sea.
  • A couple clientele who likes to laze around in an intimate cove, treat themselves to a sliding session among the range of nautical activities or simply discover the beauty of our exceptional natural sites.

Visual identity and editions

Visual identity To promote the destination, the UNWTO has adopted a visual identity which it has applied to its various communication and information media. In colors...

digital communication

Digital communication A new website for the Tourist Office. The UNWTO has a new website translated into 2 languages ​​(German-English) and compatible...

Promotional actions

Each year, the Tourist Office proposes and implements a promotion and communication action plan. Various actions are thus carried out in France...

Relations with institutional tourism networks

In order to set up, on the one hand, a promotional strategy and communication media in line with its customers. On the other hand, to develop...