In order to set up, on the one hand, a promotional strategy and communication media in line with its customers. On the other hand, to develop actions/projects which reinforce the attractiveness and positioning of Fouesnant-les Glénan, the UNWTO participates in monitoring and information, communication and promotion operations developed by various institutional tourism partners. .

The “Riviera Bretonne” and the “Sensation Bretagne” network are the two privileged partners of the OMT. All the actions developed by these two actors are defined and carried out in close collaboration with the UNWTO.

The partners:

  • The Community of Communes of the Pays Fouesnantais – the “Breton Riviera” via its actions
  • The Sensation Bretagne network and his actions
  • Brittany Region and Regional Tourism Committee through his actions
  • The Brittany Region via the Destination Quimper Cornwall (DQC) and its actions
  • Le Department of Finistère via its tourism development agency “ Finistere 360° » and his actions
  • La Regional Federation of Tourist Offices “OTB » via its training plan
  • La Departmental Federation of Tourist Offices “OT29 » through his actions
  • La Western Brittany Chamber of Commerce and Industry and its tourist actions
  • The community qualification networks (Classified tourist resorts, etc.)

Small jumble of operations

  • Program of communication actions (Riviera Bretonne partner)
  • Program of communication actions (Sensation Bretagne partner)
  • Integrated tourism development strategy for Destination Quimper Cornouaille (DQC partner)
  • Reflet study on the typologies of tourist customers who stay in Brittany (partner CRT Bretagne)
  • Tourism fairs in Rennes, Lyon, Paris, etc. (Sensation Bretagne, Riviera Bretonne, Finistère 360° partners)
  • Participation in the various technical meetings organized during the year
  • Participation in educational tours or team days during the year
  • Press reception: participation in reception and support for journalists on the destination
  • Staff participation in the annual Regional Training Plan (OTB partner)

Action program of the Breton Riviera

Sensation Bretagne action program

DQC Integrated Tourism Development Strategy

Study of the “Reflet” tourist clientele