It's official, you are a partner of the Tourist Office! Perfect, now let's see what services and benefits will be offered to you?

Fouesnant-les Glénan offers its partners services and benefits as part of its missions. In order to adjust the projects to be carried out, the UNWTO conducts a satisfaction survey each year among its partners and thus draws up a report on the projects carried out and then the program of projects for the following year.

The services offered to partners are based on:

  • advice and support to qualify the offer;
  • information to acquire knowledge/skills;
  • promotion to publicize the offer.

Through these missions and the resulting projects, the Tourist Office wishes support each of the partners who are members of the OMT in the economic development of its activity.

But what does it actually consist of?

Support to qualify the offer

Throughout the year, the “Fouesn' Pom' Girls” team offers support for UNWTO partners. Through appointments within the UNWTO and...

(In)train to acquire knowledge

Throughout the year, the "Fouesn' Pom' Girls" team implements professionalization actions to enable partners to learn about or acquire...

Promote to publicize the offer

Throughout the year, the "Fouesn' Pom' Girls" team sets up information and promotion actions to highlight the offer of each partner....