What are UNWTO's relations with its partners? What are the commitments to tourism stakeholders?

UNWTO integrates tourism stakeholders into its governance and commissions. Its Board of directors is half made up of socio-professionals representing the different sectors of tourist activity in Fouesnant.

The UNWTO's tourism development strategy is the result of a compromise between the expectations of the municipality of Fouesnant and the needs of the region's tourism partners. UNWTO is committed to communicate and consult regularly with its partners. Of newsletters sent regularly allow everyone to be informed of the actions and initiatives developed by the UNWTO but also to give their opinion on topics such as tourist numbers, actions carried out within the UNWTO, etc.

The UNWTO wished that the structure is a tool for tourism development for local partners. Through newsletters, the website (partner space), information meetings, individual meetings or the actions/initiatives developed, the UNWTO endeavors to create link with its socio-professionals and partners..

Our commitments

  • Demonstrate listening and availability
  • Improve partner satisfaction by carrying out promotional work on the destination in order to extend its influence and notoriety.
  • Set up the promotional and communication actions.
  • Suggest projects and services in line with needs tourism stakeholders.
  • Federate the actors of tourism to define tourism projects.
  • Consult partners and submit their proposals devolution.
  • Support and promote the partners' offer.
  • Supporting every professional tourism in actions aimed at upgrading its establishment and increasing its visibility.

Composition of the UNWTO Management Committee

Quarterly newsletter