As part of our quality approach, the UNWTO has implemented several tools to assess the satisfaction of visitors/residents/partners. In order to continuously improve our services and services, an analysis of these indicators takes place at least once a year.

The satisfaction survey

As part of our quality approach, we offer our partners and visitors/residents the opportunity to help us improve our services by answering a quick satisfaction questionnaire. This questionnaire occurs at 2 times.

THAT IS – A visitor arrives at the UNWTO for a Inquire. At the end of the advice on the stay, we invite him to complete a satisfaction survey (the questionnaire exists in FR/GB/GER):

  • in digital format to be completed on one of the tablets at the UNWTO.
  • or in paper format (available on the reception desk).

THAT IS – A partner/visitor take part in an action of the UNWTO (animation, workshop, etc.). In this context, the staff in charge of the activity invites him to complete a satisfaction survey paper (FR).

Information likely to be modified according to the evolution of the health context.

suggestion or remark recording

As soon as a partner/visitor/inhabitant makes a suggestion or a positive or negative oral or written remark, it is recorded in the transmissions book and analyzed by our Quality Manager (QAR).

The complaint form

When a dissatisfied visitor/resident, who has or has not suffered damage, comes to the OMT, the travel advisor invites him to complete a complaint form. This will be recorded in the transmission book and will be processed by the RAQ as soon as possible. He will be responsible for informing the service provider or service concerned to notify him of the complaint and will draft a response to the customer to inform him that his complaint has been taken into account.

Jumble of other indicators to assess quality
  • The opinions of Internet users on the web and on social networks. La management reviews published on Google, Facebook page tracking, Instagram
  • The team's opinions on the operation of the Tourist Office. The incidents, the astonishment report,…
  • The opinions of our partners within the framework of benefits/services/actions from the Tourist Office. They are regularly asked to take part in visitor surveys, au report on the actions of the Tourist Office,...

Satisfaction survey

Handbook of transmissions

Complaint form

Quality report

Indicators to assess quality