One day UNWTO had a bright idea…. gain access to the Quality Tourism label.

To do this, the team began to imagine the Quality policy for the OMT of Fouesnant-les Glénan with a single objective: make the UNWTO an institution of excellence.

Missions of reception and information, communication, promotion, internal functioning or management of the structure, everything goes there. At the UNWTO, Quality had to be everywhere.

To set up this project, it was decided to mobilize the “Fouesn' Pom' Girls”. For several months, the whole team worked together to sow quality in the four corners of the UNWTO.

Diagnosis of practices, drafting of procedures, training of staff, standardization of working methods and operation, evaluation of public satisfaction... are all tasks carried out to achieve the holy Grail "the Tourism Quality Mark".

To formalize quality over time, UNWTO has created several tools:

  • A quality manual. It describes who we are, what guides our choices and how our quality system works.
  • One place to store all information on quality and allow the whole team to have access to it.
  • Questionnaires and tools for measure quality and assess whether it meets the expectations and needs of our audiences.
  • Meetings with the team but also with a Quality Group to monitor, evaluate and develop our quality system.

A Quality Manual

Quality tutorials

The transmission book

Assessment tools

Meeting minutes