The Tourist Office and the community are above all a solid relationship and a contract of trust.  In the beginning there is the town of Fouesnant. The community has defined a tourism policy for its destination and the Municipal Tourist Office is the territorial development tool that will translate this political vision into projects. United around a territorial project, let's discover how this contract of trust is put in place.

To produce beautiful fruit, the right conditions must be met: plenty of water and optimal sunshine. After a year of work, the apple tree will yield quality apples that will make the reputation of the “Fouesnant-les Glénan” destination.

Communal governance

Qualified as a “classified tourist resort” and a “tourist town”, the town of Fouesnant has “tourism” competence. To implement its tourism policy, the community has equipped itself with a tool: a Tourist Office, to which it delegates a set of missions.

As a local authority, the municipality of Fouesnant is responsible for:

  • Define the tourism development strategy
  • Identify the operational axes of implementation
  • Define institutional and territorial partnerships
  • Ensuring investment related to actions under public action
  • Define and collect the municipal tourist tax

The municipal tourist office

UNWTO is an EPIC of category I, created by prefectural decree in 1997 which intervenes on the town of Fouesnant. 

  • To frame his intervention, the UNWTO has two tools:
    • a three-year objectives agreement (concluded between the town hall and the UNWTO). This roadmap determines the lines of work and the missions to be implemented in the territory with regard to the expectations of visitors and the needs of professionals and the community.
    • an annual action program which sets out the projects to be developed for each mission.
  • To ensure the proper functioning of the establishment, the Office has a Management Committee made up of 13 full members and 12 substitute members (i.e. 13 members elected by the Fouesnant Municipal Council and 12 socio-professionals appointed from among the representatives of activities, professions and organizations linked to tourism in the community.)
  • To set the course and manage the structure, the Office has a President, two Vice-Presidents and a management.
  • To implement tourism policy, the Office has a team of 6 people (which we will call the "Fouesn' Pom' Girls") qualified and regularly trained.


The engagements

To enable the Tourist Office to fulfill its missions, the municipality of Fouesnant grants it the necessary means of operation adapted to its status, its classification and its service obligations.

The municipality of Fouesnant entrusts the OMT with the following missions:

  • To welcome and inform the public on the tourist offer
  • De communicate and promote the destination of Fouesnant-les Glénan
  • De commercialize services and activities
  • D’support and advise each tourism player who is a member of the Office, in the development of their activity
  • Collect the tourist tax (additional commitment)


Statutes of the Municipal Tourist Office

Three-year objectives agreement between the municipality of Fouesnant – OMT

Composition of the UNWTO Steering Committee