At the Fouesnant-les Glénan Municipal Tourist Office, we don't trifle with quality. To offer you top-notch benefits and services, we are committed to providing you with the best. A quick overview of what we have to offer.

The Fouesnant-les Glénan Municipal Tourist Office is currently working on the deployment of the National Quality Tourism Mark TM in accordance with the quality approach of the French Tourist Offices.

Our professions have evolved over the past few years. Wishing to meet the expectations of our visitors and our partners, it seemed obvious to the Tourist Office to engage in an approach guaranteeing a better quality of service.

The concept of quality is an integral part of the missions devolved to the Tourist Office and the staff, aware of this approach, works daily to maintain and improve the level of quality of the services offered to visitors and partners.

Objectives towards visitors

  • Provide a pleasant welcome. Be smiling, available, attentive and courteous.
  • Reply to emails under 24 hours
  • Improve visitor satisfaction through informed and personalized advice.
  • Offer a neat and functional reception area. The office is a facility with the Tourism & Handicap label, it has an exhibition space, a small lounge for sitting down and a play area for the little ones.
  • Suggest various services : provision of a press area and wifi.
  • Broadcast a updated information 
  • Propose a varied and qualified discovery offer throughout the year
  • Promote the reception of foreign customers by having reception staff who speak two foreign languages ​​and by offering translated tourist documentation in several languages. (At least in English and German)
  • Propose opening periods and times in line with tourist numbers.
  • Measure visitor satisfaction through questionnaires. Listen to your comments and suggestions and take them into account.
  • Improve continually our services


Objectives towards partners

  • Demonstrate listening and availability
  • Improve partner satisfaction by carrying out promotional work on the destination in order to extend its influence and notoriety.
  • Set up the promotion and communication actions which should make it possible to make Fouesnant-les Glénan an attractive destination for tourism
  • Suggest projects and services in line with needs tourism stakeholders.
  • Federate the actors tourism to define the tourism projects to be carried out in the territory.
  • Consult partners and submit their proposals devolution.
  • Support and promote the partner offer
  • Supporting every professional tourism in actions aimed at upgrading its establishment and increasing its visibility.

Objectives towards the community

  • Set up a tourism development policy based on the pillars of the tourist attractiveness of Fouesnant-les Glénan, namely: roaming, boating, natural spaces.
  • Work in close collaboration with the Riviera Bretonne in order to optimize the promotion and communication actions to be carried out in favor of the tourist development of the “Riviera Bretonne” destination.
  • Enroll in a partnership logic with the various actors in order to contribute or develop actions/projects which reinforce the attractiveness and positioning of Fouesnant-les Glénan. (CCPF – Destination Quimper Cornouaille – ADT – CDT – CCI,…)
  • Pursue actions to optimize the collection of tourist tax
  • Collaborate on City of Fouesnant files related to tourism: tourist resort, tourist town, and any structuring file for tourism.
  • Support major events.
  • Know the tourist clienteles to adjust the actions to be carried out and determine the priority axes of actions and promotion.

Team goals

  • Mobilize staff around the school project
  • Associate the staff at strategic reflections, the development of tools, to the orientations decided by the management committee.
  • Have a multi-year training plan, support changes in the business, promote cross-functionality between the "services".
  • Être attentive to the aspirations of the staff related to structural changes.
  • Offer working conditions which guarantee theprofessional development of each one.