The tourist tax…. Quesaco. We explain it to you in this section. Practical information to enlighten you on this tax, who it applies to, when and above all… how it works.


Do you have to pay a tourist tax in Fouesnant?

The answer is yes.

As a listed resort and tourist town, the city of Fouesnant collects the tourist tax. This local tax dedicated solely to the tourism sector makes it possible to finance tourism promotion actions to be developed within the destination in order to increase its attractiveness.

The department of Finistère institutes also an additional tax of 10% to the tourist tax collected by the municipality. This additional tax is collected at the same time as the municipal tourist tax.

Who must pay the tourist tax?

The tourist tax is to be paid by the visitor. Under no circumstances is it due by the host.

The tourist tax is established on persons who are not domiciled in the municipality and do not have a residence there for which they are liable to the housing tax. The tourist tax must be paid by the visitor who stays in one of the following accommodations:

  • Palaces,
  • Hotels,
  • Tourist residences,
  • Furnished tourism,
  • Guest rooms,
  • holiday villages,
  • Campsites (or caravan park),
  • Motorhomes
  • Marinas, rings
  • Other types of paid accommodation (eg youth hostel, spa hospital).

It is due per person and per night (night). It applies from January 01 to December 31. In reality, it is paid directly to the landlord, to the hotelier or to the owner if the reservation was made directly with the latter. This tourist tax is subsequently donated to the municipality of Fouesnant. Persons exempt from tourist tax are:

  • minors under the age of 18,
  • holders of a seasonal work contract employed in the municipality,
  • people benefiting from emergency accommodation or temporary rehousing,
  • persons who occupy premises whose rent is less than an amount determined by the municipal council.


How much is the tourist tax?

The tourist tax rates are fixed before the start of the collection period, by deliberation of the municipal council, in accordance with a scale established by decree for each type of accommodation (palace, hotel, outdoor accommodation, furnished accommodation, village and tourist residence, bed and breakfast) and for each category of accommodation on the basis of the classification accommodation official (unclassified, 1*, 2*, 3*, 4*, 5*). This price is fixed per night and per person. It is suitable for the host to calculate the total amount of the tourist tax by multiplying the price by the number of nights and the number of people subject to the tax. (To calculate the tourist tax, you can refer to the tourist tax price brochure at the bottom of the section)

In addition to the tourist tax voted by the municipality, the department institutes an additional tax of 10% to the tourist tax collected by the municipality of Fouesnant. The additional tax is collected at the same time as the municipal tourist tax. This amount is added to that of the municipal tourist tax. The deliberation must be taken before 1er October for the collection period of the following year.

To consult the tourist tax rates, see the end of this section


a percentage tax for non-classified accommodation

For all accommodations (hotel, tourist residence, holiday village, holiday centre, furnished accommodation) pending classification or without classification with the exception of campsites, guest rooms and camper vans, the rate applicable per person and per night is 5% of the cost per person of the night within the limit of the highest rate adopted by the community or, if it is lower than the latter, the ceiling rate applicable to 4-star tourist hotels. The cost of the night corresponds to the price of the accommodation service excluding taxes.


Regarding booking platforms

How does it work if your accommodation is rented via a booking platform?

Professionals who, by electronic means, provide a reservation or rental service or put people in touch with a view to renting accommodation and who are payment intermediaries on behalf of non-professional rental companies will pay the city of Fouesnant via the Public Treasury, the amount of the tourist tax that they will have collected from each lessor.


The procedure for declaring and paying your tourist tax

Do you manage tourist accommodation? You are therefore subject to the tourist tax. Here are 3 steps that explain how to declare and pay your tourist tax.

  1. Step 1: vscontact the manager at the Fouesnant Tourist Office in order toinform about your activity. He will take care of creating an account for you in order to give you access to the online tourist tax declaration platform.
  2. Step 2: ddeclare your tourist tax online on the Riviera Bretonne platform. This declaration is made at three key moments during the year.
  3. Step 3: you pay your tourist tax by online payment, by check or by bank transfer.


A platform to declare and pay your tourist tax

The town of Fouesnant has set up a platform for allow each host to declare and pay its tourist tax. Access the platform of the Breton Riviera.

The "La Riviera Bretonne" tourist tax declaration platform is intended for all landlords* of commercial accommodation in Fouesnant, Bénodet, La Forêt-Fouesnant

*All accommodation providers are concerned: hotels, tourist residences, holiday villages, bed and breakfasts, holiday rentals, campsites, marinas, etc.

The platform allows each host to:

  • To announce every month by filling in the platform or by importing your files
  • Reverse online by credit card or bank transfer
  • Manage your accommodations, declarations, receipts…
  • See products to all useful documents (deliberations, declarations at the town hall, rates, etc.)


Rates of the tourist tax

To find out the 2023 rates and which one applies to your accommodation, we invite you to consult the brochure below.

You have more questions… do not hesitate to contact the Fouesnant tourist tax manager: