Want to discover new physical activities during your stay and experience thrills?

With water sports, ideas abound! With family, friends or alone, let yourself be tempted by one of the many nautical disciplines. From simple rental to courses or supervised walks, let yourself be guided and test the nautical practices offered in Fouesnant-les Glénan.

First of all, let's put an end to received ideas. No no.., water sports are not reserved for insiders. Trying water sports as a beginner offers some nice surprises.

For my part, I fairly quickly adopted the Stand Up Paddle (here we also talk about Paddle or SUP) which is practiced standing with a paddle on long and thick surfboards.

After my day, there's nothing like taking your board and getting in the water on the Cap-Coz beach for a Paddle session. On my knees or standing in the middle of the board, my eyes riveted on the horizon, I evolve on the body of water in stroll mode. One hour is enough to recharge your batteries and return to solid ground.



My recommendations to make your Paddle session a moment of pure happiness:

  • Before setting off on an adventure, start with a supervised lesson with our partners to receive advice and what to do.
  • To go on the water; you will need a board, a paddle and a wetsuit
  • To learn about Paddle. my favorite spot: the Cap-Coz beach which offers a calm body of water ideal for beginners.
  • To progress on the water, follow the creeks to the tip of Beg-Meil. The must to discover the coast by the coast.
  • After a session of Paddle, nothing like a lichouserie to recharge your batteries

So convinced... find all the nautical activities offered in Fouesnant-les Glénan.


Romain, 23 years old, student and snow sports enthusiast in Cap-Coz