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Efficient and inexpensive, it's my favorite car!

Are you on holiday or passing through Fouesnant-les Glénan and you are not driving? You just don't want to take your car to get to Quimper? The line 42 is made for you! And if you're still not convinced, here are 5 good reasons to take the bus ;).

#1 It's easy!

Very simple and practical, you no longer need to take your car to go from Fouesnant to Quimper. There is necessarily a stop near you and you have several departures and several returns in the evening. You can buy your ticket directly from the driver or in advance at the Tourist Office.

#2 It's economical!

When you think of the price of fuel and the parking meter on site, €2 is more than profitable, isn't it? Even better: booklets of 10 tickets at €15 on sale at the Tourist Office! Without forgetting that you benefit from a free connection during the day on the Penn Ar Bed network (except Quimper-Brest) and the urban bus network.

#3 It's comfortable!

All you have to do is let yourself be driven and take advantage of the journey to admire the landscape, read a book, make a phone call or simply daydream!

#4 It's a time saver!

You will no longer waste time driving and looking for a place to park. Simply get off at the Resistance stop in the city center to begin your discovery of Quimper.

#5 It's eco-friendly!

Yes, not only are you doing your wallet a favor but also the planet, and that's great!


Christelle, 40 years old, used to public transport