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When a beautiful day comes around, my pleasure is to get on my bike and explore the small Fouesnantais paths.

Today, no precise point of arrival, I prefer to let myself be guided by my desires and improvise with the sandstone of the winds. First of all I take the direction of Beg-Meil. From the area around the road to Lesvern, I pass through a few "ribines", as we call them here (from the Breton "ribinoù" which means small road, dirt road, path...). It's 11 a.m. It's very pleasant, everything is calm, I try to recognize the different birds that sing.

Not far from there, I hear a tractor, it's the Cidrerie. I'll take a look when I get home, I regularly get fresh apple juice there, it's to die for! I also find cider there to accompany pancake evenings and lots of other delicious apple-based products.

I continue on my way, and decide to go to Kermyl beach: my favorite. I can't wait to see the sea, I run down the sleepers. But I remain vigilant, in all these small paths, you have to be careful, the road is narrow and the turns tight, so you respect the highway code!

Finally here it is. The beach extends between the rocks of the tip of Beg-Meil. It offers a magnificent panorama of the sea, the surrounding coasts, and in the distance, you can see the Glénan Archipelago.

I turn back, retrieve my bicycle, and join the path of Hent Kerhour in the direction of Cap-Coz. It is green and full of trees, I listen to the gentle melody of the wind which stirs the leaves. I pass in front of the Cap-Coz Kiwi Orchards (do not hesitate to stop for juice or jam, a real delight!).

I then join the Descente de Belle-vue cycle path. Before continuing to the bottom of the tip of Cap-Coz, I stop on the cliff at the edge of the track, this is the start of the coastal path reserved for pedestrians between Cap-Coz and Beg-Meil. I stop for a moment to contemplate the panorama of Cap-Coz and its turquoise water! I'll never grow tired.

After a few pedal strokes I find myself at the bottom, closest to the sea, and follow the point towards its end. I stop there for half an hour and sit on a bench, under the maritime pines, facing the sea. paths.

You can even treat yourself to a little swim to cool off after the effort, at lunchtime the beach is never crowded.

It's time to leave. I take my bike and head again towards Beg-Meil. The road is not long, and this time I pass on the country side, along a few fields.

On the way you will come across several accesses to the beaches. You can enjoy these and swimming with caution. Many beaches have bike racks and public toilets if needed.

For my part, it is time to end this little journey. But don't hesitate to continue on your way to Mousterlin. One last tip: to enjoy a superb sunset, go to the Pointe de Mousterlin, by bike of course. Position yourself at the level of the large hold, on the west side of the point, it is the best spot to contemplate the setting sun in the sea, but shh, it's a secret!

You can count around 1h30 of walk and about ten kilometers to discover through this escapade, some of the charms of Fouesnant-les Glénan. But nothing prevents you from leaving for an hour or for the whole day (there is plenty to do!), everything is possible and easily accessible!