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Today it's decided, I'm taking my grandchildren for a fishing trip.

Up at 8 a.m., we check the bag: oilskin, boots, landing net, small trident, bucket, basket, tide times… Everything is ready! Direction the tip of Cap-Coz. At low tide, the foreshore is an inexhaustible place to discover the marine environment. Shore fishing is a good way to make my little darlings aware of the preservation of the environment.

Shore fishing in Cap-Coz

Children love to play explorers. They stalk prawns, pick up winkles, lure knife feet with salt and with a bit of luck they can even flush out crabs.

For me, shore fishing is the activity par excellence. Requiring little equipment, it is practiced by all, young and old and in all seasons (high tides are ideal times for good fishing). In addition, it is an opportunity to take a breath of iodized air for a stroll along the coast.

Do like us, put on your boots and go on an adventure.


Hélène, 55 years old and adventurous granny