Welcome to Kerambigorn Beach

A superb dune of beachgrass and sand sedge shelters you from the winds: you are at the Kerambigorn beach. Sorry, if you have children or teenagers, say: to “Kerambigorn Beach”. This is where they will ask to go have fun during the holidays, practicing outdoor activities in summer: beach volleyball, beach basketball, beach rugby, beach soccer, beach racket, beach, we tell you said! It is enough that they are between 8 and 17 years old.

The little +

  • She is supervised during the summer.
  • It is accessible for people with reduced mobility and has a tiralo and a seahorse.
  • It allows you to eat and have a drink.

Contact the first aid station (in July and August)

Kerambigorn beach:

Stand Up Paddle between Beg-Meil and Cap-Coz

Stand Up Paddle between Beg-Meil and Cap-Coz

An idyllic setting for skiing

The beaches of Cap-Coz, the hold of Beg-Meil or the tip of Mousterlin are the starting points for many nautical activities. Whether you are a fan of water walking, kayaking, sailing, Stand Up Paddle or SUP as said here,… you will find what you are looking for on one of our sliding spots. Between equipment rental or supervised practice You will be spoiled for choice.