Following the GR 34, leave from the Pointe de la Mer Blanche to the Pointe de Mousterlin to reach that of Beg-Meil.

Leave from the Pointe de la Mer Blanche in the far west of the town, to arrive at the Pointe de Mousterlin which juts out like the prow of a ship in the sea.

Continue towards the Mousterlin polder, following the route of the GR 34: in front of you, these offshore islands, first of all Sheep Island, then the extraordinary Glénan archipelago and its incomparable white sand beaches: absolutely worth visiting before leaving Fouesnant-les-Glénan!

After crossing the Mousterlin polder, take the time to "lose yourself" among the many paths, each one more beautiful than the next. Bypass the large meadows or walk along the seaside, to reach Pointe de Beg-Meil and his semaphore.

In the space of fifty years, the landscape located to the east of the Pointe de Mousterlin has radically changed. The polder replaced the coastal marsh.

The White Sea

The White Sea is a lagoon that extends between the tip of Mousterlin and Bénodet. At the rhythm of the tides, it offers us a magical landscape.

The marsh of Mousterlin

Unique natural heritage, the marsh or polder of Mousterlin offers you a beneficial plunge between land and sea to discover an exceptional biodiversity.