Unique natural heritage, the marsh or polder of Mousterlin offers you a beneficial plunge between land and sea to discover an exceptional biodiversity.

Fauna and flora of the marsh

As for fauna, birds are kings: egret, gray heron, crested merganser and even Siberian goose, to tell you how welcoming the territory is.

On the flora side, it is a festival of colors and smells to be rediscovered each season.

A coastal spit

The marsh or polder of Mousterlin is a coastal spit, symmetrical to that of the Mer Blanche which stretched towards the east, that is to say towards the Pointe de Beg-Meil.

In 1840, the bottleneck that let the sea in was located at the eastern end of the cordon, near the place called Vorlen. It then moved west to settle in Cleut-Rouz in 1903, then in Mousterlin around 1913.

In a few decades, the gully has therefore passed from one end to the other, certainly under the effect of a change in the direction of the swells.

At that time, this coastal marsh had the same characteristics as that of the Mer Blanche.

A little bit of history

Owned by the Conservatoire du Littoral since 1982, the Mousterlin polder is managed by the community of communes of Pays Fouesnantais.