Fancy a break in the heart of nature? Walk along the family beach of Cap-Coz, before passing by the Penfoulic cove to admire (depending on the tide) the birds in search of food.

Penfoulic Cove

The Penfoulic cove located on the other side of the beach is an invitation to discover the territory. You will find calm and serenity there for a shady walk.

Here, herons, little egrets and gulls gather in a vast open-air restaurant where tranquility is matched only by beauty.

If the woods and ponds of Penfoulic are ideal for strolling, the tip of Cap-Coz is also a great playground for fishing on foot...

At the tip of Cap-Coz for shore fishing

Enjoy the benefits of a morning of shore fishing and recharge your batteries in an idyllic setting.

The wood and ponds of Penfoulic

With its landscaped wooded massif and its ponds, the site of Penfoulic is a haven of peace where fauna and flora cohabit harmoniously...

The mudflat

Every day, twice, the sea enters the marsh. In this part called the slikke by scientists, only halophilic plants can...