Enjoy the benefits of a morning of shore fishing and recharge your batteries in an idyllic setting.

Today up at 8 am, we check the bag: oilskin, boots, landing net, small trident, bucket, basket, tide times… Everything is ready! Let's go for a morning fishing on foot.

At Cap-Coz on the foreshore at low tide!

Our program: shrimps, winkles, Chinese hats, razor clams and maybe a currycomb?

The team of the Tourist Office had informed us beforehand about the precautions and the attitude to have:

Put the stones back in place, sort your fishing on the spot and use the ruler to respect the sizes.

With this, we are not only going to fish, but to fish responsibly!

Direction the tip of Cap-Coz on the rocks. Here we mainly fish clams, razor clams, winkles, shrimps.

No more time to waste, the tide will soon rise again: fishing!

Fishing trip on foot in Cap-Coz

Fishing trip on foot in Cap-Coz

What happiness!

The time of a fishing on foot, we forget everything: everything stops, we enjoy a breath of fresh air and worries disappear. It is an outdoor activity in a splendid setting, a true haven of peace in communion with nature.

We leave relaxed with a host of memories in mind and what a pleasure to eat the catch of the day: guaranteed freshness, iodine all the way and since we caught it, it's even better!

A family moment to consume without moderation that only brings happiness.

Shore fishing in Cap-Coz

Shore fishing in Cap-Coz

Become Greener!

Do you also want to try the experience of the barnacle clinging to its rock? Equip yourself and simply enjoy!

It's a fun activity, open and accessible to all: for young and old alike, you'll be amazed and dazzled!

The seaside is a gold mine for learning while having fun. It is a must to discover in Fouesnant-les-Glénan.

A few recommendations before putting on your boots!

  • Consult the health decrees online to make sure that fishing on foot is authorized.
  • Download the shell size chart.
  • Come visit us at the Tourist Office to receive your ruler which indicates the regulatory sizes.

Some websites to help you: responsible shore fishing, regulations in South Finistère as well as that of theRegional Health Agency