Want to discover exceptional natural spaces… Come on, I'll do you a little favor by sharing my favorites with you so that you can live a unique experience….

The unavoidable :


  1. Do a 7 km hike along the coastal path discovering the coves and seaside villas of Beg-Meil
  2. Leaving for a sensory walk » in the marshes of Mousterlin
  3. Stroll in the marshes / polder of Mousterlin, go to one of the observatories to admire egret, gray heron, crested merganser and even Siberian goose.
  4. Test a course gentle awakening of the body" or "pilates" on a small cove in Beg-Meil
  5. Try the dune experience stroll along the “White Sea” to take full eyes.
  6. Dare to go out walk fishing with your little darlings on the foreshore at Cap-Coz at low tide.
  7. Adopt the Zen attitude: nature encourages you to do so.

Nice discovery...