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Do you want to discover the richness and extraordinary diversity of our heritage? Come on, I'll give you my secrets for working on your calves or wearing down the soles of your shoes.

The unavoidable :

  1. In the spring (often in April), go at Glénan for the flowering of Narcissus.
  2. Do a 5 to 8 km hike  discovering the white sea and the marshes of Mousterlin.
  3. Take a family walk around Cap-Coz. Walk along the Avenue de la Pointe and return by the mudflat to finally land to eat an ice cream.
  4. Amaze your children in the Penfoulic wood meet the playful sculptures and stop for a few moments to observe the Shetland ponies, the giraffe tree and the conservatory orchards.
  5. Stroll between Pointe de Beg-Meil and Cap-Coz. Between seaside villas and intimate coves, you will find a postcard landscape.
  6. Dare it cycle circuit n° 15 to discover Fouesnant. With these 33 km, this two-wheeled hike will take you from the Marais de Mousterlin, to the tip of Beg-Meil via Cap-Coz.
  7. Test a family bike ride. Between 6 and 12 km you will have the choice between 7 loops to discover Mousterlin; Beg-Meil; Cap-Coz or the city center.

Nice discovery...