A dozen islands, the clearest water in Brittany, a turquoise lagoon sheltered from the wind, heavenly beaches with sparkling white sand, unspoilt nature... What more could you ask for?

Accessible only from April to September, the Glénan archipelago is revealed to lovers of wide open spaces. In one hour by boat, the change of scenery is guaranteed! Set sail, heading due south! About fifteen kilometers from the coast, join Saint-Nicolas for a magical day.

Cast off !

After an hour by boat, starting from the small port of Beg-Meil, you pass the reefs of the Pierres Noires, with their cormorants, which, like lookouts, watch over the people entering the archipelago… Here you are at the gates of paradise…. !

In the center of this enchanting lagoon, the island where the passenger launches dock, the island of Saint-Nicolas enjoys a sheltered and privileged position.

Indeed, only the island of Saint-Nicolas is accessible to visitors. Penfret, Bananec, Cigogne and Drennec are occupied by the Glénans nautical centre. The other islands are ornithological reserves or private islands, prohibited from access.

A queen nature

Located in the town of Fouesnant, Saint-Nicolas Island is at the center of a Natura 2000 classified site.

The Glénan archipelago!

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Activity ideas

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Checklist for a day at Glénan

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