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On land or at sea, the Glénan archipelago offers you a multitude of activities to enjoy for fun with friends or family. Here are our activity ideas! Now, it's your turn to play…

Glénan Narcissus

Glénan Narcissus

Want to be unbeatable on the glénan narcissus…

Only one solution, embark with the Vedettes de l'Odet in the company of a guide to know everything about this little white flower.

In spring, this unique flower in the world is in full bloom. Threatened with extinction in the XNUMXs, a nature reserve was created on Saint-Nicolas Island to protect it.

On the program of the guided outing: discovery of the Narcissus and presentation of the fauna and flora to allow you to understand all the secrets of this jewel.

Family walk

Family walk

Fancy a walk…

Stroll along the decking laid out around Île Saint-Nicolas (accessible to pushchairs and wheelchairs) and reach the top of the island.

The island tour takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes. From there, the view of the inland sea (called the Chamber) and the whole coast is magnificent…

Sailing outing with the Glénans Nautical Center

Sailing outing with the Glénans Nautical Center

Fancy activities on the water…

If the Glénans are so well known, it is also thanks to the International Diving Center and the world-renowned Glénans Nautical Center. Internships are organized from initiation to instructor training.

A sea kayak getaway

Possibility of renting Sea kayaks in July and August to cross the Glénan archipelago. The seven main islands that surround the protected lagoon offer you a multitude of possible walks.

A sliding experience

Learn about sailing here, then you can talk about it all over the world! The Glénans sailing school, born on the archipelago in 1947 is THE reference in terms of education. Open all year round, it offers different formulas to introduce you to the pleasure of skiing.

A discovery of the seabed

Unless you opt for a one-week scuba diving course at the Glénan International Diving Center! The must… ! But everything is must on the Glénan.

A little sea fishing

Board a former sardine boat, the " Santa Maria » and in the company of two professional fishermen, spend a pleasant day or half-day with friends or colleagues, to discover the sensations of fishing at sea.

Glénan Archipelago

Glénan Archipelago

Want to relax...

Lay down your towel and take a little tan on these pristine white beaches followed by a swim in the transparent and clear waters...

In Saint-Nicolas, the beach is supervised during the months of July and August. To contact the first aid station: +33 2 98 60 56 89

Beach games

Beach games

Want to play explorers...

Beaches all around the island will allow you to find your little corner of paradise, and land on this beautiful sand, build sand castles, look for shells, dive in mask and snorkel to admire a few steps from the shore, an unsuspected underwater life.

Fancy a lunch with a breathtaking view

Picnics with your feet in the water, in an idyllic setting or lunches, quietly seated on the restaurant terrace: snacks, brasserie or lobster and shellfish... The choice is yours!

Two establishments allow you to eat and drink on Saint-Nicolas Island: the Fishponds et the smoke.

Alone in the world on the Glénan Archipelago

Alone in the world on the Glénan Archipelago

Want to be alone in the world!

You want to break with continental habits. Experience a prodigious sunset? See the rabbits frolicking at dawn against the backdrop of the waves?

You can anchor your boat at Glénan or sleep at the sea lodge the Sextant (closed for the 2020 season) on Saint-Nicolas.

But also…

  • The sunsets breathtaking !
  • From island to island : go at low tide from Saint-Nicolas to Bananec by the tombolo! But beware of the tide, which may surprise you. (A tombolo is a coastal barrier of sediment connecting two land areas.)


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