Located in the town of Fouesnant, Saint-Nicolas Island is at the center of a Natura 2000 classified site.

The fauna and flora are particularly protected there and the Glénan archipelago is even currently part of a larger program: Natura 2000 at sea from Pointe de Penmarc'h to Pointe de Trévignon.

Protected biodiversity

We can only understand, this regulation which asks you for example to bring all your trash to the ground, not to pick any flowers, to use the wooden decking and to keep your four-legged friend on a leash, so that these islands retain their incomparable biodiversity forever.

of the famous Glénan Narcissus, unique in the world whose reserve is in bloom on the island of Saint-Nicolas only for a few weeks in April, passing by the discreet little borage of the coast or the magnificent blue thistle, which shines with its colors in the middle of summer... we don't know more where to look...

Stroll on Saint Nicolas Island

Stroll on Saint Nicolas Island

sea ​​birds

Seabirds await you on the islands and islets as well as on the multitude of surrounding rocks that make this Glénan landscape a unique place with an incomparable and unforgettable landscape diversity...

Whether the sky is blue, cloudy or dark, the white sand and the winged hosts, the multitude of gulls, oystercatchers and the very rare Ring-necked Plover will definitely seduce you.


Glénan Narcissus

Glénan Narcissus

the rendezvous of the Narcissus!

Discover the Narcisse des Glénan! The reserve of this unique species in the world, and saved in the XNUMXs, carpets the island with its small white flowers in spring: a splendid spectacle!

The Vedettes de l'Odet shipping company offers an excursion with a guide to learn more about this endemic flower.