Pardons, traditional Breton religious festivals, are organized to honor a saint. A form of “pilgrimage”, forgiveness is an opportunity to show one's faith.

Fouesnant-les Glénan, land of forgiveness


The procession is done in religious fervor where crosses and ornate banners are carried with dignity. Then everyone attends Mass. The rest of the day takes on a more profane character where conviviality and sharing go hand in hand: a festive meal to the sound of music and dancing is organised.

The afternoon is an opportunity to reconnect with games, animations of yesteryear. In Fouesnant-les-Glénan, the pardons of Saint Anne, Saint Guénolé, Saint Sébastien, the Glénans, and Kerbader are all moments of sharing and exchange.

Wearing a Breton costume is a source of pride, ringing the bell in a bagad is an honor!

The parades, cultural events, give rise to ecstasy at the passage of the circles and bagadoù. Our Apple Tree Festival, the third weekend in July, is Fouesnant's rendezvous with Breton culture; two days of festivities not to be missed under any circumstances!

Forgiveness of Saint Anne in Fouesnant

Forgiveness of Saint Anne in Fouesnant

Costumes & Headdresses: symbolism in its purest form

The Breton costume tells a story, a piece of land, a part of life and time: whether it is work or ceremony, it is emblematic.

Heavy velvet and fine lace rub shoulders, silk embroidery and sparkling pearls catch the eye: how can you remain insensitive to this multiplicity, this diversity, this play of colors that delights!

Our headdresses are the symbol of Brittany: their delicacy enchants and it is a point of honor for each one to wear it with dignity. Our Fleurs des Pommiers, ambassadors of the city, are resplendent in their costume enhanced by this very special collar that is that of the Pays de l'Aven.

Celtic circle

Celtic circle "Ar Pintiged Foen"

We dance, we ring, we share!

Our fest-deiz, fest-noz and other parades are punctuated by the sound of the bagadoù: bombardes, bagpipes, binious, percussion make up these groups and the musicians give the rhythm to the choreographed parades and the dances: the gavotte is the best known, but “the an dro” or “the haunt dro” are quite easy to practice.

In a chain, in pairs or in figures, these dances will make you happy. The Fouesnant Celtic circle, Ar Pintigen Foën, initiates you during the summer and offers each year to discover a new show.

The Bagad Bro Fouen, for its part, actively participates in the dissemination of traditional Breton music through its various terroirs and dances. Come discover them and support them!

Brittany, land of traditions, invites you to dance, to share. Enter the circle, admire our heritage: welcome to Celtic culture!

Built heritage: once upon a time!

Fouesnant-les Glénan also has a built heritage to discover. If its religious buildings are still visible to this day, the menhirs, Gallic tumuli and other fountains have disappeared over time. Passionate about history and old stones, let yourself be told the story of our destination.