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What could be better than a walk on the GR34 coastal path to discover the beauty of our landscapes and recharge your batteries.


To stroll in Fouesnant-les Glénan is to marvel…. » I confirm it to you.

My guilty pleasure is to put on my sneakers and give myself a moment of relaxation for a morning walk on the coastal path between the tip of Beg-Meil and Cap-Coz. Here, everything is a postcard landscape and walking is THE must to recharge your batteries or do your sport in the open air.

This walk offers a multitude of remarkable viewpoints and allows you to discover small intimate coves to rest for a moment and treat yourself to a moment of serenity out of sight.

My walk begins in front of the Semaphore at the tip of Beg-Meil. In the distance, I can see the Glénan Archipelago about ten miles south of the coast. Come on, let's go for a getaway to discover the treasures of Beg-Meil and Cap-Coz.

On the coastal path, I walk along the very pretty Plage des Oiseaux. With its colorful boats and white sand, this little cove alone is worth the detour. Uncrowded in the early morning, it is also bathed in sunshine.

I continued my journey and arrived at the hold of Beg-Meil. This small port is lively in summer. You can take passenger launches there for crossings to the Glénan Archipelago or to Concarneau, buy your fish there or practice nautical activities. I love going to the end of the slipway, admiring the panorama over the Baie de la Forêt and hearing the sound of the shrouds on the masts of the sailboats.

Along the beach on the left of the hold, I join the coastal path, towards the beach of Kerveltrec and Roche Percée. The calm of the place, the vegetation, the song of the birds, the sound of the ocean; all the ingredients are there to recharge your batteries.

I continue my walk, I finally arrive at a place that I particularly like: the beach of Bot Conan. This little cove is a haven of peace. It is lined with trees and greenery and its translucent waters are an invitation to swim.

From the small kiosk overlooking this creek, I discover my point of arrival, the beautiful beach of Cap-Coz.

To get there, I take a little height along the steep coast and as always, I rediscover the charm of the small virgin coves nestled between the rocks, the turquoise blue of the water and this preserved nature.

When I stroll, this 5km walk lasts 1h30. (This is a one-way trip between Pointe de Beg-Meil and Cap-Coz but you will have to think about coming back). Discover it without delay, it will offer you a real moment to recharge your batteries.

With a few passages by the beach, I do not recommend this walk for strollers.