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A typical product in the Fouesnant region, the apple is unquestionably the most consumed fruit in Brittany.

There are a very large number of varieties of apples (actually thousands). It is also a fruit that can be easily worked in different ways, all year round.

The apple in all its forms

Cooked, pressed, or even raw, there is something for everyone! And it's not our restaurant chefs who are going to contradict us: Galettes, far, jellies, pies, compotes, crisps... And all that apple-based!

A know-how to discover

Do not hesitate to visit the orchards and cider houses of our local producers.
From the Menez-Brug cider house to the Kermao orchard, via the Manoir du Kinkiz cider house and the coastal conservatory orchard in Penfoulic, not forgetting the Menhirs distillery: you will undeniably be able to learn more about the production of cider juice. apple, cider, pommeau, or even lambig and chouchen!

The Apple in the spotlight in Fouesnant

Did you know that the apple is celebrated in Fouesnant?

Initially during the Apple Festival, usually the 3rd weekend of July, where you will find Celtic circles and bagadoù which will honor the apple, without forgetting the parade of apple blossoms, our Miss Fouesnantaises!

Then, a little later in the year, during the October holidays, you can attend the Apple Festival : old-fashioned apple pressing, grafting workshop, events, demonstrations… are on the agenda!