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The marshes of Mousterlin offer you an immersion in the heart of a preserved natural site. With its multiplicity of landscapes and its exceptional biodiversity, set off on a 100% relaxing stroll between land and sea that invites you to reconnect with nature.

My relaxation and well-being activity

Discover this walk which combines hiking with sophrology exercises. It invites you to let go and reconnect with nature and your body. Take the coastal path, go around ponds and large meadows, walk along the seaside facing the Glénan Archipelago, observe the birds, and take advantage of the tranquility of the place to take care of yourself. Approximate duration: 2 hours.

The vitamin benefits

  • Calm Breathing
  • Tenfold relaxation
  • Peaceful mind
  • Natural rhythm found

The public

This activity is for children from 11 years old and adults

In my tote bag

Before leaving on D-Day, I take with me:

  • Glasses / hat / sun protection
  • Water
  • Towel (for sitting)
  • Closed and comfortable shoes

I'm going to discover this activity

To enjoy a moment of relaxation in the open air, nothing could be simpler.

  • I choose my date by consulting lhe program of Vitamins SEA 2023 outings (available in our brochure area at the beginning of April)
  • I reserve my place at the tourism office.
  • I pay my participation before the day of the activity