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Do you have a disability and want to organize your stay in Fouesnant? We support you by directing you to establishments and activities accessible to all.

Accommodation, catering, tourist sites and leisure activities: the tourism players involved in this quality approach guarantee you an efficient welcome adapted to your needs!

A certified tourist office

The Fouesnant-les-Glénan tourist office is the first in Brittany to have been certified for the four families with disabilities.

The label takes into account not only theaccessibility of premises, but also the provision for all audiences of adapted documents, the presence of a magnetic loop enabling communication with the hearing-impaired with hearing aids as well as the qualification of staff from the tourist office.

This one followed a formation which enables him to help a person in situation of handicap to organize his holidays in Fouesnant-Les-Glénan. The efforts are not limited to the buildings of the tourist office.

We also have tools that are made available to holidaymakers with disabilities such as magnifying glass, documents in enlarged characters, dictaphone...

Tourism and disability in Fouesnant

Adapted holidays

Download the brochure of sites and accommodation accessible to people with disabilities

Site layout

Although it is a pedestrian path, use is tolerated for cyclists. After building bridges, installing rest areas every 200 meters (the visitor will have the choice between ischial supports or wooden logs placed halfway through to rest), limiting the gradients and imagining "a thread of Ariane" (broken embankment border) which allows the visually impaired to move around, thanks to the touch of a cane, six sculpted bollards mark the edge of the path.

Personalized podotactyle tiles (granite slabs on the ground) signal their presence to the visually impaired and the blind. Terminals in Braille and others for the visually impaired with birds also line the path. On site, several plans of the Bois de Penfoulic are adapted for the visually impaired.

And finally, a sound terminal (triggered with a remote) is near the Swamp House. It specifies the layout of the site, the use of Ariadne's thread, the provision of totems with engraving and the presence of interpretation panels in relief and Braille.


The "converter" device

The converter is a device suitable for hearing impaired equipped with a hearing aid allowing them to follow an outdoor guide.

The guide speaks into an FM amplifier-transmitter microphone while the hearing impaired are equipped with receivers connected to their prostheses.

The acquisition of this device allows the hearing impaired equipped to participate in nature walks.

Cap Coz Beach

Cap Coz Beach

Beach access

The city of Fouesnant-les Glénan provides a Tiralo And two Seahorses which can be borrowed from the lifeguard stations on the Cap-Coz and Kerambigorn beaches.


The Tiralo is an amphibious leisure vehicle, which floats, allowing people with reduced mobility to rediscover the joys of swimming.

Towed by a handle, its design allows use on sand or rough terrain.

The Seahorse

The Hippocampe is a multi-activity wheelchair, allowing people with reduced mobility to enjoy the beach, the sea and water sports.

The Seahorse is an ideal master key which also allows its user to be able to enter the water or also to follow a nature walk.

To find out more, you can visit the Tourism and Handicap and Dirrecte websites:

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