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Whether you are with us for one or two weeks (or more!) or simply passing through, here are the five must-sees to discover in Fouesnant-les Glénan in spring and summer

1. Embark for the Glénan archipelago

Who says Fouesnant says the Glénan. The archipelago is indeed part of our commune and we have chosen to use Fouesnant-les-Glénan as our name. This archipelago is also called the Breton Caribbean.

Caribbean for its immaculate white sand beaches, its clear and turquoise waters and its exceptional seabed. Breton women for the freshness of the water! Yes, you can't have it all.

Beyond the postcard, the Glénan archipelago is also a very well-preserved Natura 2000 site: we walk on the decking, we respect the environment by bringing our waste to the ground, we do not pile stones to take pictures… We take advantage of the beach and the landscape to bring back beautiful memories in our heads!

Did you know ? The archipelago is home to an endemic flower that blooms only a few weeks a year: the Glénan Narcissus.

One last thing ! Glénan or Glénans? Good question ! The Glénan archipelago does not use "s", it is a proper name. On the other hand, the other spelling does exist, but is only used to refer to the sailing school “Les Glénans”. Now you know everything, and you can shine in society thanks to this anecdote!

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2. Explore the coves

Of the 14 kilometers of beaches that line the coastal path at Fouesnant-les-Glénan, there is a truly unmissable portion: the coast between Cap-Coz and Beg-Meil!

It is here that you will find the beautiful little coves of fine sand, some of which are only accessible on foot by taking the GR34.

Exposed due east, in the morning they are bathed in light and ideal for a family picnic, in the afternoon you will find a little shade: appreciable when it is hot.

More of a fan of wide open spaces? Do not panic ! Everyone can find the beach that suits them in Fouesnant.

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3. Discover Mousterlin Polder and the White Sea

So, yes, in Fouesnant there are beaches – even among the most beautiful beaches in Brittany! But not only ! Indeed, it is not enough to move far away from the sea to be completely out of place and change the atmosphere.

To do this, go to Pointe de Mousterlin from which extend on either side two coastal spits. On the right, a 5km dune ending in a small estuary allowing the sea to penetrate inland depending on the tide: this is the white sea.

On the left the Mousterlin Polder, a space where the arrival of sea water has, unlike the White Sea, been controlled by man. It is therefore a whole ecosystem that has developed there. Much greener and wooded, only the sound of the waves on the other side of the trees reminds you that the sea is not far away!

Lovers of birds and tranquility will find their happiness there, in particular by going to one of the three ornithological observatories.

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4. Practice water sports

If you come to Fouesnant, you must try your hand at a water sports ! There really is something for everyone and especially all levels.

Baie de la Forêt is an ideal spot for practicing almost all water sports (we leave surfing and windy activities to our neighbors on the west coast).

It is a paradise for catamarans, kayaks, dinghies, stand up paddles, water walking or other eclipses and windsurfing boards!

You will have the choice to practice by yourself or accompanied, and this, throughout the year! Ready to take the plunge?

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5. Make your lichou

You probably already know it: in Brittany we have our culinary specialties. Namely: buckwheat and wheat pancakes, cider, salted butter (yes, yes in its own right), kouign-amann, kig ha farz, Breton cake and far, andouille, caramel with salted butter…

Are you starting to get your mouth watering? You are a lichou ! A little gourmet in other words!

You will therefore have to take advantage of your visit to Fouesnant to test these regional specialties, but above all the essential Fouesnant specialties! AOC cider, honey, sausage, biscuits, apples or even kiwis, you will delight your taste buds!

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