Visual identity

To promote the destination, the UNWTO has adopted a visual identity which it has applied to its various communication and information media. With golden ocher and navy blue colours, the OMT has chosen to communicate under the name “Riviera Bretonne Fouesnant-les Glénan. »

The editions

UNWTO publishes each year a set of brochures to promote the destination to different clienteles. The brochures are mostly translated into English as well as German. A little overview of our media.

  • The magazine (published in 22.000 copies), it presents the offer of accommodation, catering and tourist activities. Between beaches, water sports, nature or local products, it highlights the territory, its richness and its diversity.
  • Fouesnant city map (edited in 45.000 copies) presents the destination as well as its shops, equipment and services.
  • The entertainment schedule of the summer period "Le Bel Eté" (published on average 20.000 copies). This calendar of events informs the visitor of the activities to be carried out alone or with the family, at any time of the day and according to their desires.
  • The program of “Vitamins Sea” activities (published in 5.000 copies). It offers various outings on the theme of "relaxation and well-being" organized by the UNWTO.
  • The hiking topoguide presents 30 walk sheets, i.e. 280 km to discover in the Fouesnant region. Another alternative for those who only wish to discover Fouesnant: a box of 7 walk sheets.
  • In addition to these tools, the Office publishes internally a brochure "activities and leisure" for professionals as well as a identical support adapted to the handicap.

Information likely to be modified according to the evolution of the health crisis

Visual identity